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Season 6


Demons and Diablos
Jackie and Alison come face to face with a diabolic lunatic who has the ability to perform deep magic from the Other Side. The homeowner, desperate to protect his wife and child, has experienced clawing sensations and has seen evil spirits run around the home. The Rescue Mediums attempt to trap the demon in a crystal cave to hopefully execute the actual rescue.


The Reiki Room Romp
The homeowner has felt the terrifying experience of being dragged out of her body by some unknown force. And her Reiki Room might be the portal. As the Rescue Mediums investigate they are watched as they search the home's exterior for clues and are eventually helped by the spirit of a little boy who acts as a guide. But there has been much sadness surrounding this haunting, as Jackie and Alison will discover.


Heartbreak Hotel
In this beautiful bed and breakfast, the Rescue Mediums uncover a story of maternal heartbreak and war. The home was moved from its original location and the homeowner has heard the piano playing (when no-one was around) and felt many spirits watching her. Through war and disease, the previous owners were trapped in the world between corporeal existence and the Light.


The Devil Wears Nada
A young couple are disturbed when voices and visions appear in their home. Thankfully, even though the name of the area is Devil's Creek, no devil was found! But a mysterious male spirit was discovered by the Rescue Mediums with extremely surprising results for one of the residents.


A Boyish Boogeyman
Jackie and Alison investigate the home of a wonderful family of six who have been disturbed by bangings, bumps, exploding lights and uncomfortable feelings all round. They find the spirit of a young boy who was once in a local home for boys, escaping the misery and depravation of a life in a poor and starving UK population. They also encounter the spirit of an angry male - but they soon discover his identity and the fascinating twist.


Hannah and no sisters
A young couple fear for the safety of their children in a house that is crying out for help. The residents dread the onset of darkness and feel the spirit watching them. The Rescue Mediums attempt to re-unite two lost souls that had a deep love for one another.


Oh It's a Lovely War!
In a small town the Rescue Mediums hear spirits that are screaming for help. The homeowner and her daughter are both frightened and concerned for those that have passed over. Jackie and Alison find two souls that have been in two separate world wars and are looking for closure and to pass into the light.


Of Hay and Horses
This beautiful farmhouse surrounded by rolling hills is the centre of some very dark shadows that worry the owners. They feel it might be evil. Jackie and Alison feel a spirits pain and discover the man who built the house and he reveals a very tragic tale of family disease and death.


A Close Shave
An anxious couple who experience nausea, anxiousness and the feeling of constantly being watched, call on the Rescue Mediums for help. Jackie and Alison discover a male spirit with a dark, watery past who refuses to enter the light. Only finding his true love brings this story to a happy conclusion - and brings a big surprise to the homeowner!


Into the Woods
In this somewhat isolated home on the outskirts of a small town, strange happenings have been seen and felt. The Rescue Mediums are drawn to the surrounding land even more than the home itself and go on a spirit chase through the woods. But there are surprises around every tree!


A Lovely Triangle
A mother and her two daughters hear things that literally go "bump" in the night! Noises and creaks abound in this home. The older daughter refuses to stay over anymore because of the disturbances. The Rescue Mediums discover a male spirit whose marriage was in trouble during his lifetime and he became infatuated with another woman. His wife suffered a suspicious death and he was convicted of her murder. Jackie and Alison delve deeply to show the tormented souls into the light.


The Haunting and the Hoe-down
This could well be the most powerful haunting the Rescue Mediums have every encountered! The strong, dark spirit drives Alison from the home and she feels she may not be able to continue. Jackie, too, becomes overshadowed. The Rescue Mediums fight like they have never done before.


Lettuce Pray
This big-city home has had ghosts around it for years. The Rescue Mediums watch as the spirit moves through a wall to another apartment and feel they must follow. But their corporeal state means they have to walk through the door instead! A family reunion and a happy ending may be in sight.

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