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Season 5


The Calm Before the Storm
Shadowy figures that lurk within the house and a presence on the stairs are only two of the things that frighten these homeowners. One of the daughters has awoken to her name being whispered in the night and no-one is there. The Rescue Mediums find a spirit who is very, very angry and re-unite him with his long dead family. The storm subsides and the home is left in peace.


Double, Double, Toil and Trouble!
The residents of this home have experienced debilitating headaches and mood swings that are very much out of character. The atmosphere of the home is terrifying. Alison is forced out of the home during the investigation and Jackie discovers a double spirit presence - that of a distraught, schizophrenic man.


Till the Cows Come Home
Arriving through a curious cow-herd, Jackie and Alison explore this farmhouse. They find an angry and abusive male spirit, a frightened female spirit and an innocent baby in the woman's arms. The residents have been pushed and pulled and feel like they are never alone. Footprints have appeared from nowhere and objects have floated before their very eyes. The Rescue Mediums seek to calm the angry spirit and find a way to send them all to the other side.


The Bogeymen in the Bathroom
This riverside town is teeming with history and this home has two of the historical figures IN it. The homeowners constantly feel they are being watched, their children wake up screaming and swirling lights can be seen frequently. The Rescue Mediums manage to show a female and a male spirit into the light, but do this from a very unusual location!


Definitely NOT for the birds!
In this beautiful home, Jackie and Alison follow a bird talisman as it guides them towards a rescue. The homeowners have heard many footsteps creaking on the stairs at night and the lights have been turning on and off in the basement for several weeks. The house, although renovated and insulated, has inexplicable cold spots -- inexplicable until the Rescue Mediums discover their source!


The Pewter in Pickering
The homeowners in this small bungalow have an uninvited guest or two. The human occupants have been grabbed and spoken to by the spirits that linger in their home. The backyard has some spiritual secrets of its own. The Rescue Mediums uncover some old artifacts that become major clues to the ghostly presence.


A Sinking Feeling
In this suburban house, the daughter and the mother have experienced increasingly difficult ghostly matters. Shaking beds, portals and whisperings that are literally changing the way they live. They need the Rescue Mediums to close the door to the otherworld in order to live in peace. Jackie and Alison find a remarkable link to a famous wartime event - the sinking of the Lusitania!


The Shape of Things to Come
The family has moved out of their expansive country home. Events inside the home have made it impossible for them to live there and they are desperately seeking help. The residents of the home have experienced isolation, dangerous change and physical attacks by the spirit. Jackie and Alison have one of their most difficult and demanding cases yet! They uncover the most strangest of ghosts - a shapeshifter.


The Sins of the Father
In this bedroom community, the family has moved from one house to another and experienced strange happenings everywhere they have been. Good friends have visited (one, a police officer) and will not return as they have often come up against a wall of icy chill. The Rescue Mediums get some unlikely help here from a four-legged friend and uncover an awful secret from a spirits past.


Pride and Honour
The roommates in this home have been very uncomfortable lately. A spirit of a man lurks behind doors, banging sounds resound throughout and doors slam shut! There is a negative feeling even though the home is brand new. The residents report that they feel the spirit does not want them there. The Rescue Mediums get to the bottom of the haunting and solve the issues as they delve into the history of the land.


A Bad Omen
The homeowners believe that a bad omen lingers over their house. They have seen a figure moving throughout their home through the windows on their walks home, but there is never anyone inside. Previous homeowners have always left the house after only several months of living there. Smells and bangings and voices - all have been heard. And someone died in a horrible accident on the property. The Rescue Mediums work hard to hopefully shatter the omen.


Mirror, mirror on the Wall
The women in this home have all felt odd and disturbing things. Doors opening and closing, strange odours that linger and vanish as quickly as they arrive, dark shadows and things moving of their own accord. One daughter stares into her mirror constantly. What is she looking for? The Rescue Mediums uncover a story that shows that lifetimes may pass, but often things remain the same.


Isolated No More
A wonderful family who are coping with MS and Autism in two of their adult sons, are also being put to the test by spirits in their home. Set in the rolling hills of the countryside, they report noises, feelings of isolation, electrical disturbances and physical movements caused by an unseen entity. The Rescue Mediums uncover the fact that the sons are very psychic themselves and they lead the home and the family to a calmer spiritual place.

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