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Season 4


The Queen of Helpful Spirits
This 150-year old building in Hamilton has been a warehouse, a government operation, a living space and a nightclub over the years. It has also been deserted for a period of time and Satan-worshippers squatted in the upstairs space! Now, it is just simply a place where several spirits wander and the second floor has a portal to the Other Side! People have actually interacted with spirit and many areas are voluntarily off-limits to those who work and visit there. The structure is old and huge and compelling...the stories are varied and some sweet and some scary.


Over The Rainbow
In one of the oldest villages in Ontario stands a home that has undergone extensive renovations. It sits on a lot that was once used as a town dumping ground. A dumping ground for many things, possibly including unwanted bodies. The home is occupied by three generations right now, the youngest being a seven year old girl who had her bed moved so that she would no longer disturb "the man who is sleeping in the ground." Many spirits are seen in all corners of the home and the grandmother has been visited several times by an other-worldly presence. Noises abound and shadows flicker - and stay - on the basement walls.


A Ghostly Art
This dynamic homeowner of a typical urban commuter-style house lives with her three daughters. The street is quiet, but not so the home. Two of the girls will not sleep in the basement bedroom and do not even like being in the house alone. Someone, or something, lurks in the basement and is most strongly sensed around the furnace room. Pictures have flown off walls and electrical appliances are turned on and off by an invisible hand. The owner's brother-in-law, an OPP officer, doesn't help repair things around the house anymore. In fact, he is frightened to go there since his encounter with a tall dark shadow that gazed in at him through a window. Calling the police to this haunting is NOT going to help!


Disturbing the Graves
This ancient native area on the Hamilton Mountain has been the subject of many, many disputes. In a subdivision near this settlement is a small bungalow with a problem. The owners are Cree natives, the father actually runs for the NDP in the area, and they are being haunted by three older men who want their attention. The daughter has resorted to putting little crosses over the doors in her own blood to ward off these spirits. They have found ancient arrowheads in their backyard. They have been woken by drumming and bumps and voices. They need help. The mixture between their Christian and native beliefs is also causing a dilemma. They built a Longhouse on Red Hill to see if this would calm the wayward spirits. Nothing has worked.


A Tea For Two
This town that the Quakers built in the 1700's sits on the north shore of Lake Erie and is usually a quiet little place. The old General Store, however, is not as quiet as it used to be. The owners live upstairs and have constantly heard loud parties drifting up from downstairs yet, upon investigation, it all stops...only to resume when they crawl back into bed. A lady moves silently from one room to the next and has been seen by many people. And then there is the room where they used to lay the bodies out at the turn of the last century. And right across the street is the candle makers - and the ghost of Isaac who still protects the place. The homeowners and storeowners want answers to these nocturnal maneuvers.


The Bar and the Basement
A young couple from the UK purchased this building three years ago and are beginning to wish they hadn't! The downstairs is a bar and the upstairs are being renovated into living quarters. The building used to be a way station for voyagers passing through this area. Some of the passers-through are still around. The ghost at the end of the bar and the dark, frightening spirit that, of course, lurks in the basement! This building is situated at the end of the historic Underground Railway route and upstairs there are stories of hangings and suicides...and these doings still linger in 2009.


Campground Capers
Just north of the town of Newmarket, sprawling on forty acres of land, sits the Ponderosa Campground. Some residents live year road and some come and go in the summer months. Some never leave at all. Four suicides and several inexplicable deaths have occurred on the property. And many residents testify that they have witnessed a little boy swinging in the playground, only to have him vanish into the night when they approach him. There is also an area in the park where people move more quickly to their area that, in the heat of summer, can be as cold as an arctic breeze. Then there is the hallway in the home of the campground's owners with the bullet holes - there must be a story behind that!


A Ghostly Detention
The old school house has been joined by the even older local church and train station that have been moved to the same plot of land. But all is not as it should be. The curator of the school house and her assistant were recently moving some items down to the basement when they were stopped in their tracks by a deep, terrifying growling. It happened twice. They dropped what they were doing and had the town exterminators and wildlife control come immediately. The basement had no trace of an animal from this plane in it at all. Maybe the old lady who sits in the last pew of the old church and then mysteriously vanishes might know what the growling is all about? Or that might be better answered by the nineteenth century attired male who sometimes patrols the grounds at night with his dogs?


Herewith the Gory Details
Claudia, the daughter of a fist-generation Italian immigrant family, has seen and experienced odd happenings in their suburban home. Small hands gripping the wall at the bottom of the basement stairs. A man that stands at the end of her bed at night. And the terrifying feeling of being watched almost wherever she goes throughout the house. The four dogs have felt the spirits too. They have had the home smudged, the Catholic church has tried to correct the imbalance and many psychics have been through in the hope of making changes. Nothing has worked and they are at their wits end. Claudia's Dad used to slaughter sheep and pigs in the barn out back and he does not understand why spirits of the human kind would bother his family. There is a lot happening on the Gore Road.


Neigh-sayers no more!
A small, but idyllic, horse farm sits near the famous Wilton Cheese Factory. Occupied by Lorraine, a Kingston hospital nurse, her husband, a Canadian Military officer and their daughter. Lorraine feels at home with the spirits, but not so for the other two. The husband would just as soon move away and the girl, who tends the horses, is tired of manure being flung at her head. The spirits have a sense of humour! Friends of the daughter have seen figures and have had articles moved and hidden. They will no longer stay in the house alone at night.


The Farms' "Udder" Story
This beautiful dairy farm sits on fields that extend as far as the eye can see. The turn-of-the-century farmhouse now has one main human occupant and his family that visit from time to time. Ken has been in the dairy business in the USA and Canada for many years and once sold a dairy cow in the 70's for over a million dollars. It was a record! Things are different now. In one room of the house a woman died and was laid to rest. She's still there. Everyone has noticed the thousands of flies that appear in the windows from nowhere. And the little girl that sobs somewhere upstairs is annoying in the wee hours. Lisa, the daughter, needs help for her Dad in the house. The spirits in the dairy farm need rest.


Spirits in the City
In the Northwest part of Toronto, Joe and Mary built their dream house eighteen years ago. A lavish interior on a quiet residential street where they could bring up their two children, Suzanne and Neil, now 25 and 28 years old respectively. But for years, strange things have been happening and only now have they decided to break their silence. The happenings are taking a huge toll emotionally and they need closure. Joe has been awoken nearly every morning for the past many months at exactly 4:44 AM. Sometimes, when awoken at that time, he is confronted by a dark male figure simply staring. It disquiets him so much that he has hung sage branches around his bedroom. His daughter, too, has seen the figure and also that of a little girl...the same little girl she "played" with when she herself was much younger. The ghosts are becoming more and more invasive in this normal household - although reluctant to speak up at first for fear of ridicule, Joe, the General Manager of Toronto's Downtown Mazda, can no longer stand the strain.


Icy Cold Spirits
A family constantly feels that they are being watched and their youngest daughter has exclaimed "this is NOT our belongs to the man." That man, of course, is not of this world anymore. Jackie and Alison delve into the home's history and find that a woman passed in freezing conditions and a child also roams the grounds. And as for the man...well, it is true, it WAS his house!

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