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Season 3


Something wrong near Lake Chemong
On the shores of Lake Chemong lies the community called Bridgenorth. A young couple have always hoped to enjoy their first home...but spirits from the land and the home have disturbed their sleeping and waking moments. The Rescue Mediums find more than they bargained for. Native spirits seem to be angry and the land needs to be cleansed. In an intense emotional moment, Jackie and Christine also connect the spirit of the homeowner's best friend who tragically died in an automobile crash. The Rescue Mediums also help an elderly lady, who was very confused and in pain, to cross over into the light.


Marching into the Light
The homeowner's children have seen a man dressed in full First World War military kit marching up and down their upstairs corridor. Passers-by have remarked on the figure that sits in the upstairs window and looks out onto the street. Cigar smoke and noises and shadows have been smelt, heard and seen throughout the home. The Rescue Mediums help the soldier into the light so he can join his old battalion. The family and this hundred-year-old home are put back in order.


Are You Afraid of the Dark?
One of the homeowner's is a strong man of Scottish descent, slightly skeptical and usually able to hold his own in any circumstances...but he keeps nightlights on in every electrical socket in every room. He is warding off something and the Rescue Mediums have to find out what it is. They contact two spirits in the home, one of which seems to be trapped in a single moment of their life and is repeating it over and over again. The rescue is powerful as the spirit crosses over into freedom. Perhaps the homeowner might now be able to save some electricity by dousing his nightlights!


Making Amends
An old history unfolds in this seaside town. The Loyalist Inn is home to several guests and many spirits...among them a man who left the army and was promised land for his service. The land never came. This was something that happened far too often to black Loyalists at the turn of the last century. The Rescue Mediums help him to finally be released and they show him into the light. The Inn itself has a long and checkered history and other spirits come to the fore as the investigation progresses.


Pulling a Few Strings
The icy waters of the North Atlantic surround this portside town and the Rescue Mediums get much more than they bargained for, once again! A long-dead family member of the homeowner comes to help in the rescue and a puppet has a spirit that Jackie and Christine are finally able to resolve. The house is a normal, subdivision-style home and proves that places do not have to be old to be haunted!


Ladies of the Night
The city of Halifax has been a temporary home to sailors from around the world for hundreds of years. Sometimes, with sailors, other industries crop up when they take their shore leave. Often industries run by females. This looks to be the long-past history of this old Halifax home! But something far more frightening is also happening...a spirit of a young girl who was killed on her way to school during the Great Halifax explosion. She is lost and needs help in crossing over.


Ghostly Attachment
Near the banks of a fast-flowing river, this modest home has nearly all of its human occupants awake at night. Shadows and bumps and loud conversations are the norm. The daughter has been whispered at and her hair touched while she lay asleep in her bed. The son, while studying for exams, has seen figures quickly pass by the computer room and heard ghostly discussions. And the parents have felt an otherworldly presence in the home. As the Rescue Mediums investigate, they find that one of the family members brought a spirit home with them from a graveside visit...and the spirit feels like staying!


Transplanted Organs
The walls of a museum and the town's archives hold a history of adventure and of sadness. In Bowmanville, these two buildings stand adjacent to one another. The staff in both structures has had uneasy feelings and, in one case, has dubbed one of the spirits the "Angry Man". Jackie and Christine find the "Angry Man" and the spirit of a little girl who plays in the museum. The man turns out not to be angry but concerned for the welfare of his beautiful musical organs. The Rescue Mediums manage to lift the heavy feelings from both buildings and permit the staff to have better days.


Heavy Metal
This old stone home sits on a quiet suburban street. Not much unusual here...except that the sinkhole in the garden contains a ribcage, giant chandeliers move of their own accord, screams and banging's emanate from inside the walls and bats frequently fly around the interior! The Rescue Mediums have their spiritual hands full here. As the investigation progresses, Jackie and Christine discover that an ancient spirit has attached him or herself to the owner...a master in mediaeval metal artwork.


Religious Evictions
In the urban core of Toronto, there stands an old mansion of dramatic proportion. Surrounded by fishponds, lush trees and extensive grounds, this heritage home gives the impression of tranquility throughout the ages. But the Reverand and his wife who now own the house tell a different tale - one of rat infestations, "ghost" bumps, a hidden chapel and the feeling of being forced out of their own home. An irate male presence - also a man of the cloth - does not approve of the renovations and religious conversions within his former residence and he is determined to evict the current owners! The Rescue Mediums must resort to religious readings to calm this angered spirit and with the help of a female presence, show him into the light.


The Art of Spirit
The homeowner in this quaint house lives alone. Or at least she thought she did. The Rescue Mediums are called to help with shadows and noises that have scared, not only the homeowner, but her friends and family. In some cases, friends are so frightened that they cannot stay over anymore. The homeowner is an avid and accomplished artists...her original paintings adorn nearly every room. Some are very, very dark. Jackie and Christine believe that a heavy spirit may have attached itself to the homeowner and her paintings. They have to change the imagery - in a psychic sense - to help the wayward spirit cross over.


Light Work and a Heavy Heart
In the township of Caledon, we meet a massage therapist who complains of relentless otherworldly activity within her home. Doors slam, voices chatter and the sweet smell of wood-smoke fills the air. A child's gravestone has been uncovered on the property and the spirit of a little girl skips around the house. The Rescue Mediums meet a mysterious spirit lightworker and a tormented female presence who sobs and searches for her lost little girl. It is the anniversary of her child's death and emotions run high as Jackie and Christine reunite mother and daughter in the light.

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