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Season 2


Last Call
Located in Barrie, Ontario, the opera house was the first of its kind in the city. Over 100 years old, it has since been converted into a popular nightclub. Since then, employees have seen and felt a mysterious presence and experienced physical manifestations, ranging from friendly and innocent to mischievous and insistent. The building has recently been slated for city expropriation and will be demolished before the year is up, and the nightclub employees are anxious to assist the spirits they have been peacefully sharing their space with for the past three and a half years, rather than leaving them to an unknown fate. This is truly a story that tugs at the heart.


Suburban Spirits
Since 1997, strange happenings have been occurring in this beautiful, antique-filled suburban home. The owners and their children have been bothered by poltergeist activity and phantoms that hover in the air. Their two dogs become agitated on a weekly basis and often stare off into space for hours on end. The kitchen radio spews static, even when it is completely unplugged. An invisible entity has been letting the dogs in and out of the home and can occasionally be heard walking up the stairs. They have asked for the Rescue Mediums to help rid them of these bothersome ghosts.


Mystery and Mythology
This building, believed to have been erected in the 1920s, has since been renovated into a series of smaller apartments, some of which still retain their original gas fireplaces and Kelvinator ice boxes, long warm. Residents have seen floating lights and overheard heated discussions emanating from thin air. Pets often behave inexplicably and visitors often encounter cold spots despite the controlled temperature. One resident has experienced physical pain that may be connected to a mysterious woodcarving. Is it merely a playful spirit? Or does something sinister lurk behind closed doors?


Trick or Treat
Located in the heart of Ontario's stunning wine country, this unusual home has on-going activity of the ghostly kind and a skeptical male homeowner. His wife and children have been touched by ghosts and the youngest is often afraid to go to sleep at night. Visitors to the home have also experienced paranormal activity and the occupants need a resolution fast. And, to complicate matters, it is All Hallow's Eve... and the ghosts and goblins in this home are real.


Dead In His Tracks
A comfortable home adjacent to the railway tracks in this rural town has a strange and possibly sinister history. Long ago a man walked hundreds of miles from the city of Montreal along the railway tracks to escape his fate...a fate of retribution and revenge. He was murdered, a drifter, on these tracks and haunts them still. Inside the house, the homeowner has captured spirit activity on her own video camera. And she has found a protective spirit...a child that has passed over and acts as her spirit guide.


Chasing Ghosts
This mansion, built in 1896 for Sir William Mackenzie and his wife Margaret, has ghosts in every nook and cranny. While filming this episode there was a complete power outage in the area and a tree split and crashed down upon the gable of the home just outside where the Rescue Mediums and the crew were eating. Such a thing had happened before...the home had gone through many transitions, including 50 years as a convent school. The spirits of the nuns and some of the orphaned children may still roam the hallways. A frightened spirit who is pursued by the Rescue Mediums and the ghost of a hanged man also lurk in the shadows of this magnificent mansion.


Disturbing the Spirits
A road leading to a new subdivision of family homes has been widened and has disturbed the resting ground of many spirits. This young family have experienced all manner of visitations...shadows, noises, movements and having their names called out loud by an invisible presence. Strong vibrations emanate from the ground and move across the entire area. A small church had been demolished and the spirit of a local physician and the children in his care make themselves known and cry out for help.


A Garden of Graves
Sharing a property line with a local cemetery, this century home in scenic Palgrave, is home to the final resting place of an indistinguishable amount of souls. The homeowners have experienced a wide scale of spiritual activity, but none have been affected so much as the children, who have become afraid of their own toys. Struggling to reconcile their own skepticism with the inexplicable events they have experienced, the homeowners have called in the Rescue Mediums to shed some psychic light on the situation -to rescue this haunted house, and make it a home once more.


Left Them to the Drowning
Atop a hill overlooking the scenic islands and waters of Rice Lake sits the Aye Lighthouse Bed & Breakfast. The mysterious spirit of a man roams the land and the home along with wisps of a departed who has been known to pluck the strings of a violin mounted upon the wall. But many are attracted to this house. Rice Lake is one of the more dangerous waters in the area for drowning as the reeds and weeds can hold a body under for a long, some of those spirits have been finally released.


Days of Future Past
Behind the sterile facades of this sprawling Mount Albert home hide decayed monuments to both days of glory and of despair. Formerly a retirement home and a centre for troubled youths, this building still echoes with tremendous sadness and madness. Two psychic sisters unwittingly came into this property through a strange twist of events and now seek to restore the spectacular home to its original prestigious state... but will the spirits trapped within these false walls help or hinder them?


Drawing a Ghostly Conclusion
Thomas Jackson built this house with his bare hands over 100 years ago. The current owners believe he is still there. After falling into a state of severe decay during a period of economic strife and illness, this picturesque century home stood empty and rotting for a number of years. A gallery owner has since shouldered the responsibility of repairing and renovating the building, and returning it to a habitable state. Now fully restored, the historic Thomas Jackson house serves as both an art gallery and domicile. And yet, visitors frequently encounter cold spots. Doors lock, and artwork moves of its own accord. Shouldn't Thomas be happy that his pride and joy was saved from disrepair? Perhaps he feels as though there is something left to say... or maybe he just thinks that painting would look better above the fireplace instead.


Suffer the Children
This house in a relatively new sub-division is home to a young family with three wonderful kids. But the parents are worried. The middle child has seen the shadow of a spirit in her room.a spirit that goes by the name of Mr. Jenkins. The oldest child has seen things move quickly past and is frightened to play in his room upstairs. Mum and Dad have also experienced strange goings-on in the home and, at one point, wanted to sell it even though they had only been there a short time. This home may be a portal for spirit activity...the Rescue Mediums must help the spirits in order to help the children.

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