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Season 1


The Suffering Spirit
Across the water on Wolfe Island stands an old house that has been in the possession of the Catholic Church for years and years. The current owners have kept the imposing widow's walk and the crucifix that stands atop the vaulted roof. Surrounded by three graveyards, this place one of the most frightening episodes. Nuns, animals and the former priest fill the house with noises and nightmares. The Most Reverend occupant is torn between his previous world of extremes and his attachment to the Church. The Rescue Mediums use holy water, the rosary and a wooden cross to help his tortured spirit find its final salvation.


A Ghostly Return
The birthplace of the world's oil industry is the target for this episode. A stunning Victorian house is home to more than just the human occupants. The spirit of the Grey Lady has been seen at the top of the stairs by many, many people. The basement holds a malevolent force that the Rescue Mediums must show into the light. In the home's music room, the piano is often played by an older music teacher. Quite old, in fact...about 146 years old! Jackie and Christine confront the ghost in the basement, but they will miscalculate its strength. The show culminates in a very unexpected twist!


Unraveling the Mystery
This episode takes place in a majestic mansion located in Jackson's Point on the south shore of Lake Simcoe. The current owners have felt uneasiness in the basement and on the grounds. Contractors report having actually witnessed a ghost manifestation. The Rescue Mediums use their powers to uncover several interesting facts. A prominent businessman, now in the Netherworld, haunts the home. An earlier settler from 200 years ago also comes into play, along with an Indian burial ground. Jackie and Christine get to the bottom of the mystery with some astounding results.


A small home in a big city suburb is resident to terrifying, almost demonic, spirits. Or is it? In this exciting episode, the Rescue Mediums uncover layers surrounding the haunting that point to the owner being the source of the psychic disturbances. The female owner and her family have experienced powerful energies that have caused hospital visits and sleepless nights. Eventually, Jackie and Christine come face-to-face with the entity and it takes hold in a manner that no-one could have predicted!


The Top of the Stairs
A tragic accident in a threshing machine caused a spirit to haunt a small home in the beautiful town of St. Mary's. The young man lost his leg and was entangled in the farm equipment for over four hours. But other ghosts have been seen and felt in the house as well. One of the homeowners has been physically pushed from the couch and felt a presence on the stairs. The young daughter has seen a frightening apparition floating above her bed and her mother has been awoken in the night by the staring figure of a young child at the side of HER bed. The Rescue Mediums lift the heaviness from the home and help the spirits find rest...and they leave the friendly spirit of a protective presence at the top of the stairs to keep the homeowners safe.


The Happy Haunting
In beautiful, historic Kingston, Ontario, the Secret Garden bed and breakfast holds more secrets than it first appears. This four-storey turn of the century mansion hides the spirits of a little girl, a woman and an ailing man. Ghosts have appeared to guests on a consistent basis and reports abound from the previous owners of mysterious happenings...tinkling glasses, apparitions, voices and objects moving of their own accord. The Rescue Mediums calm the lost souls and find a gentler aspect to the home.


The Colonel's Portrait
Proudly displayed on the wall of this Port Hope house is the portrait of a brave Colonel from years gone by...but, is it really him? The homeowner has a far different idea of the painting's identity than the Rescue Mediums. Several rooms seem to carry his spirit and he was once startled (in spirit form) by an earthly visitor. His response? Apparently he looked up and walked right through her! The grounds of this house, named "Hill and Dale", also hold a secret...a hanging in the old Greenhouse and a horse buried standing upright.


Lions, Tigers and Birdhouses
A 130-year old home that survived town fires is the subject of this episode. In Bervie, Ontario, the Rescue Mediums come up against ghosts and very unlikely animals. A roaring lion that lives across the street and a birdhouse of gargantuan proportions. The homeowner herself is psychic and she teams up with Christine and Jackie to unravel a spirit mystery in her house. Ghostly footsteps and poltergeist activity envelope the home and these disturbances are finally laid to rest. But a more compelling story evolves as the Rescue Mediums ply their trade. They are contacted by the spirit of a missing girl from 14 years ago in the area.


A River Runs Through It
In fact, it is the confluence of five underground rivers that flow into the Scugog, a lake that has been revered by the native population for many years. This home, surrounded by a small farming community and overlooking the lake, is haunted by at least three spirits. Many people have told of a presence that brushes by them in the night and the feeling of a little girl who stands by the window of an upstairs bedroom. In times past, the house was used to lay out the bodies of dead family members as they awaited burial. Now, the home's secrets are unlocked by the Rescue Mediums.


Is There A Doctor In The House?
Collingwood, Ontario is both a summer and a winter retreat and holiday destination for thousands of vacationers. It is also home to the stunning Beildhouse, a bed and breakfast that was once owned by a prosperous physician who fell deathly ill himself. He frequently appears in the home in a state of confusion and the Rescue Mediums will help him move forward into the light. There is also the ghost of his younger daughter who lived out her remaining years in the home on the third floor. While at the home, Jackie and Christine venture to the local theatre...not to see a play, but to make an acquaintance with a certain female who stars there after dark!


Searching For Rhonda
An unassuming home on the East Coast harbours several spirits in this surprising episode. Jackie and Christine indentify several family members of the homeowners who have passed over in to the spirit world. The home's occupants have seen manifestations on their walls and in glass doors and have actually taken a photograph of what appears to be a ghostly soldier standing outside their home. But a far more significant spirit visits the Rescue Mediums. The spirit of Rhonda Wilson. Rhonda went missing from her Kentville home 31/2 years ago and has never been found. Police are now considering that the woman was murdered. Jackie and Christine become very connected and seem to be receiving messages from beyond the grave. They create a psychic drawing of her murderer and visit a location, covered in snow, where they believe her body is buried. As a result of these actions, the police have agreed to perform a groundsearch of the area as soon as the earth thaws in the coming Spring.


Exit Laughing
This delightful episode is full of humour and good feelings. Both the Rescue Mediums and the homeowners enjoy several jokes - sometimes at the expense of a local ghost! Jackie and Christine arrive on the prow of a Lobster Fishing boat to investigate this haunting. "There is a strange foreboding in the sea; it crashes hard against the heart and awakens memories of shipwrecked dreams." The house has been home to a small child who drowned many years ago and his anguished mother who has searched the spirit world for her son. The Rescue Mediums also get in touch with a part of Canadian history that was completely unexpected - the story of Champlain and the Acadians.


Love Lost and Found
Overlooking Darling Lake is a huge mansion built by Aaron Churchill as a summer home for his family. Travelers on the road have seen the ghostly apparition of a woman moving towards the mansion from the water. The locals have dubbed her "The Lady of the Lake." A beautiful, yet strangely sad, portrait of Lotti Churchill has mysterious power over all who gaze upon her. She lived in the home for many years and, it is said, murdered someone in one of the bedrooms. She haunts there still. Nearby, the ground is home to the bones of all the Churchill's in that area and Jackie is overshadowed by the forceful spirit of Aaron in the graveyard itself. The homeowner is the continuing custodian of the ghosts and the property in the fine tradition of those that have gone before. The Rescue Mediums tackle many, many challenges here and find deep layers of love, caring, commitment...and danger.

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