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Psychic Advice

1. Do the mediums conduct private readings and if so, how much?

Due to their contractual obligations, the Rescue Mediums are unable to conduct private readings.

Jackie says: I only do personal readings on a one to one basis at Feathers Academy in Northwich, by appointment. However, postal readings are available but it must be noted that the readings will not necessarily be done by myself.

Alison says: I carry out personal 1 to 1 readings by appointment only in the Costa Blanca region of Spain. I also offer Skype readings and Angel E-mail readings to anywhere in the world. To find out more, please visit my website @

2. Can you refer me to a psychic in my area?

We are unable to recommend any other psychics for legal reasons. However, your local spiritualist church, as well as reliable Internet resources such as may be able to refer you to someone capable in your area. You may also try contacting local colleges and universities regarding programs on spiritual and paranormal studies.

3. Do you ladies ever use your gifts to help people experiencing grief and depression?

The Rescue Mediums say: Although we have been able to link the grieving with loved ones who have passed, we do not use our gifts for the purpose of counseling. People with depression and other emotional ailments require specialist care and we encourage you to seek someone qualified.

4. How do you perform a proper smudging and cleansing?

Jackie says: With regards to a property, this can be done in a variety of ways. To smudge a room you need a sage smudge stick (wand) or sweet grass plait. This needs to be lit, with the flames then blown out so that the stick just emits smoke. This then needs to be wafted in each corner of the room either by waving the stick backwards and forwards or by wafting the smoke with a long feather. You can ask that the room be cleared of all negativity and replaced with pure positive energy as you are doing this. This process should be repeated in every room that you feel needs cleansing.

Another method of cleansing a room of negativity is to bring something yellow into the room. A vase of fresh flowers is an excellent way of lifting the atmosphere or a yellow plant. Pictures of sunflowers on a wall can also help in this way, although I have found that living flowers can be more effective.

Crystals are an excellent way of neutralizing negativity and re-energizing the atmosphere. The calcite families, such as green and orange calcite, are wonderful for this, as are selenite and the quartzes like the clear quartz, smoky quartz and rose quartz.

All forms of healing, including Reiki healing, can help with the continuation of a balanced and peaceful atmosphere.

Visualization of white light in the room can help, too in lifting the atmosphere. For this you have to visualize a white light entering the doorway, a bit like smoke; imagine that this white light is soft and gentle, peaceful and calming. 'See' the light filling the entire room and moving into every corner. This helps to lift the vibrations of the room. Sometimes this light can change colour to pale blue, green, pink or even gold. If this happens during your visualization, don't worry that you have done something wrong; this is just how the spirit guides in control of this situation are assessing how best to deal with this.

If the smudging or cleansing is around an object or a person, the same principal can be used with a smudge stick around the object or around the person's energy field (aura). Ask again for the negativity to be replaced by pure positive energy.

Alison Says: First of all, clear the energy in the room by opening windows to let in fresh air. If this isn't possible, then walk around the room clapping your hands to break up any negative energy. When using a sage smudge stick, read the instructions thoroughly. Once lit, go around the house waving the smoke into the corners of each room. You can repeat a positive mantra such as "I clear this space of all negativity, bringing positive energies, love and light, into this room". Singing bowls can also assist in a cleansing ritual. Again, walk around to each corner of the room and strike the singing bowl. The sound it makes will resonate, helping to rid your house of any residual energy. Repeat the process in the middle of the room. Another way of cleansing a room is if you know someone who has attained their Second Degree in Reiki. You could ask them to come to your house and 'draw' specific Reiki symbols over the walls of each room to bring in the loving light and gentle energies of the universe. Crystals also assist in cleansing rituals in the house such as Amethyst for protection assisting in a good night's sleep, Rose quartz for love, and instilling a sense of calm, or Citrine to promote positive energy.

5. Can you help me with a cold case or to find a missing person?

The Producers say: During the filming of Season One of the show, the Rescue Mediums came across two Cold Case files; to our knowledge, at this point, their whereabouts are still unknown. All of us at Rescue Mediums would like to see some resolution in these cases and in any others that we come across but due to the nature of our program, we are unable to investigate any more Cold Cases.

6. Ouija boards - good idea or bad idea?

The Rescue Mediums say: It all depends on who is using it and for what reasons. It is not a party game. If it is used in a sober way with a trained medium it can yield helpful results, but there are better ways of communicating. Use it wrongly and you are asking for trouble.

7. Are there any safety precautions in getting get rid of a Ouija board?

Jackie says: I advise that the Ouija board needs to be 'closed' down. This involves visualizing a door over the top of the board and shutting this door, perhaps sealing it with sticky tape. This of course is all done by visualization and not actual. I would then take the board outside, burn it and bury the ashes in a designated spot. If there is not an opportunity to burn it, put it in the trashcan where it belongs.

Alison says: I have never, and will never, own one but from what I have gleaned from other people, the best thing to do is to burn it and take the ashes as far away from the house as possible and never ever, purchase one or use one again!

8. What spiritual beliefs do you ladies hold?

Jackie says: I personally believe in God, the Great White Spirit or any other name that others care to use to interpret the universal energy that is greater than us all. The name gives me a perspective of the energies that I work with within the realms of the spirit world, those who live in the Summerlands or Heaven, as some like to call it, all whom are part of the universal dimension of energy. What do I believe the Summerlands/Heaven to be? To me this is home, the place where our spirit lives between our journeys to the earth plane, where we can learn our lessons and hopefully attain a higher degree of understanding and knowledge. It is my belief that we can choose to return to the earth plane or to remain in the spirit world once we go through the physical change that we call death. There could be many reasons for this for these decisions and until I go to the Summerlands again, I can't honestly answer the questions that this could generate. I can only speak to you of my own beliefs now and my present experiences.

I believe that I have lived on the earth plane many times, to learn many things. It is my belief that this occurs through the reincarnation of the spirit and that those I have encountered in former lifetimes, I encounter in lifetimes in the past, present, and maybe also in the future. I can only hope that I achieve within this lifetime the ability to learn to the best of my ability and to further my spiritual development and enlightenment.

And what of loved ones in the spirit world now - those who have gone on before us? As a Clairvoyant Medium I hope to be able to bridge that link between the spirit world and the earth plane; to offer hope to those who are left here that their loved ones in spirit are still able to communicate with them, albeit in a different way to the way that they have always known. It is simply another level of existence and therefore a different method is needed to be able to communicate. When a loved one dies, we miss the physical presence of that person and there is no way that we can make the pain of that physical loss any less. However, with the help of wonderful Spirit Guides, we, as Mediums, hope to be able to bring an understanding that loved ones in spirit are still around and are able to speak to us, to let us know that they are simply in another realm and that they can still communicate with us, but in a different way. The aim of any Medium, I suppose, is to try to bring that proof that life is continuous and it is only our physical shell that exceeds the life span and that the spirit within, that makes us who we are, survives, evolves and lives on.

I love working with the spirit world, in so many different ways. They never fail to amaze me with their wisdom and understanding and I say thanks daily for the enlightenment that they show me.

I have learnt through the wisdom of my Spirit Guides that if we look at what we have rather than what we have not, we are richer already. This is a wise thought. I was further enlightened when a friend shared this philosophy from his Guide with me. He told me that 'we all see the same sky, we just have different horizons'. How very true.

Christine says: First of all, I don't deal in beliefs. I deal in facts and proof and what I can personally accept as the truth. I am a non-religious free thinker. I am not a spiritualist, meaning I do not feel the need for a church or religion - but I am not critical of those who do. Going to the afterlife when we pass is as natural as being born. We did not need a religion to be born, did we? So we don't need one to pass over after the change called death. Now you may ask why I have advised people to go to the spiritualist church. This is because many of them offer special development classes - and if you can get past the gaudy part, you will learn a lot. I know. I did.

Alison says: I believe in the power and influence of Angels in my life, as well as positive universal energy, which is all around us. This manifests itself through 'coincidences' and synchronicity. I believe that true friends are a gift from God, as are children within our lives and our furry friends. I believe in 'life on the other side' and that we get out of life what we put in, on our great spiritual journey. It is up to us as individuals whether we listen to messages given to us by our guardian angels, via subtle but wonderful clues through meditations, dreams, and great 'ideas' that seem to pop into our heads from nowhere. I believe I have been given my wonderful gift from God to enable me to help both those stuck in the wrong dimension in spirit, as well those in need here, on the earthplane.

9. Is my Aunt Mable with me?

The Rescue Mediums say: Our spirit family will always be with us to watch over us and to try and help as best they can - but they are no different to how they were in life (i.e. they cannot perform miracles). As in life, they come around to offer support and guidance. However, they also have to get on with their own development in the spirit world so you may find as time passes and your need for them lessens, they tend to save their visits for trying times.

10. Can spirits come and visit us whenever they want?

Jackie says: If this relates to loved ones of ours who have passed to spirit, of course they can, if that is what they wish. Loved ones in spirit have simply entered another realm of existence, they have not been banished to another world. I find that loved ones want to keep up to date with what has been going on with their family or friends.

There is free will in spirit just as there is on the earth plane; its up to us as individuals to decide how we utilize that free will.

Alison says: It depends in which context. It is difficult for spirit to show themselves or make themselves felt and it takes a lot of effort on their part. If the spirit is stuck, then this can cause activity around you or in your house (see other replies to questions to clarify this and how to deal with this matter). However, if you feel a warm and loving feeling, this could be your spirit guide around you or a loved one in spirit letting you know they are fine and are there to protect you.

11. Can specific loved ones in spirit be contacted during a reading or investigation? (e.g. my mom and dad)

Jackie says: I always start my reading by saying to the individual that I cannot promise that who they want to communicate with in spirit will communicate through me, I can only promise to try my best. We cannot specifically ask loved ones to come through to communicate during a reading but I usually find that spirit are only too willing to pass on a message or messages to let their loved ones on the earth plane know that they are ok. Some are easier to communicate with than others. Each individual in spirit has a different way of communicating.

The same principal can be given to an investigation. Spirit cannot be summoned to appear. The invitation can be given but they have free will to communicate.

Alison says: I get asked this a lot and the only way I can explain is by sharing the information I give out to a client when conducting a one on one reading with them. I give them this information prior to the reading and it is then up to them to decide whether or not to go through with the reading. However, I have never had anyone who didn't want to carry on with his or her reading. It is unusual for me not to get at least one message through from a specific loved one but I feel this covers myself and avoids disappointment from the client as I have laid "my cards" on the table beforehand, so to speak and pardon the pun! I hope this helps... "I am a channel or a link to the spirit world and I want you to know that I can only give you what I am given. This means that if you want a specific loved one to make contact in the reading, they may do. However, they may not come through at this present time for their own reasons. Are you happy for me to commence with the reading?" At the end of the reading I ask if they have any questions or if there was a loved one they wanted to contact that hadn't come through; I can then try to contact them and get specific information that is personal to them. Again though, they may decide not to make contact at this present time and I have to honor that. There are other ways I can obtain information around or from the specific loved one - an example of this being either from a photograph reading or by way of holding a personal item of theirs, which is called psychometry.

12. I think my Grandma Gertie is trying to send me a message. How can I communicate with her safely on my own?

The Rescue Mediums say: Leave a pen and paper out and ask her to write. Ask her to come to you in a dream state and tell you what she has to say. Visit your local spiritualist church, someone there may be able to communicate her message. Or go see a reputable medium.

13. What, exactly, is an orb? What does it mean when I see them around my house and/or in pictures?

Jackie says: This is such a fascinating subject. I know there are orbs because I have physically seen them with the naked eye. I believe them to be the first manifestation of spirit when seeing them in this way. If I see more than one with the naked eye, it doesn't necessarily mean that there are more than one spirit present, merely that the energy is moving about separately, although of course it can mean there are more than one.

The difficulty with orbs in photographs is that there can be other reasons for the orbs to be there. If you take a photograph with no flash and an orb is present, then I would say that this is the result of a spirit presence. However, if you take a photograph with a flash, then there could be a number of reasons why there are orbs. Are they orbs or are they dust particles, reflection from some obscure point, even a rickershay from an object of a reflection caught so quickly that more than one orb type structure exists. An orb to me has a different appearance to a flash reflection, etc. It can be moving, not symmetrical and have an aura around it. There is no way that it can be a dust particle or anything else. I have disregarded many photographs in this way, much to the disappointment of those who believe that they have captured something paranormal on film.

Do I believe that orbs exist? Yes I do, but I have to be convinced that there is nothing else that has cause for it to be there on camera, unless of course I see it moving with the naked eye, which I have, on more than one occasion.

Alison says: I have a whole page dedicated to Orbs on my personal website.

Orbs are a fascinating phenomenon and are something I have been interested in for years. But what defines an Orb? Orbs are a solid or transparent ‘ball’ of energy or light caught on video, film, or more recently, by digital camera. Orbs are easy to see when photographs are developed by digital cameras and have been scientifically proven to often be caused by dust particles, and malfunctioning camera diodes. However, Orbs are believed by many people to be life forms of those that once inhabited a physical body here on earth. Ghostly orbs are the most photographed anomalies caught on film, especially by ghost hunters. They can be completely transparent or display themselves in colour. I have taken photographs before whereby the orb on film appears to show a face. It is said that a culmination of orbs that appear on photographs taken outside on a wet night are most certainly going to be caused by moisture in the air from rain drops. But what about the orbs that appear over the same people’s heads at differing times of their life, and in different venues? It also leaves a question mark over why orbs often appear in photographs of mediums when they are ‘open’ to the spirit world and are also around the hands of healers when they are carrying out Reiki Treatments or Angel Healing. An example of reoccurring orbs around the same person, is when I take photographs of one of my small granddaughters. As soon as she could sit up and we started taking photographs of her propped up in bed for example, there was always an orb over her head. Two years ago John and I took her to the Police children’s Christmas party. There were lots of children there having fun and running around. When Father Christmas came in they waited patiently for him to call their name. When he called Olivia’s name, she went up to him to collect her present so I saw an opportunity, and took a photograph of her. Although there were lots of other children around her, there it was again, just the one orb, over her head. Is this someone protecting her? I would certainly like to think so. There are other theories concerning Orbs. On looking through differing sites whilst doing my research, some people believe that orbs could be nature spirits or airborne protoplasm which you would find under a microscope, only far, far, more advanced. On Rescue Mediums, lots of photographs have been taken of us ‘in action’ and also relaxing.

14. Do spirits - even ones who are not "stuck" - drain households of energy? If so, what can I do?

Jackie says: Absolutely - actually I call it a hangover!

Oh right - that sort of spirit. Hmm... Yes this can happen and does. I have found this to be especially if there are teenagers in the house that can attract a "certain" type of spirit activity. This is particularly evident with a trapped spirit, although it can happen when you are around someone who is still on the earth plane. For instance, you can have a best friend whom you love completely but they totally drain you of energy. They go away feeling like a million dollars and you are a total wreck by the time that they leave. This is because they have drained your energy and sapped all of your battery life for themselves. When you are in a situation where you know that you are being drained, whether it be by spirit or by someone still here on the earth plane, protect yourself straight away with a white light or bubble. I would even go as far as doing both, one after the other. Also visualize that inside the bubble there is a lot of yellow or orange colours. This will re-energize you and stop you from feeling so drained.

You may also find that spirit can drain your actual electrical supply so that you have power surges or batteries drain very quickly. Crystals will help with this situation, as well as smudging and cleansing.

Alison says: It is usually spirits who are stuck that drain households of energy and as before, ask someone to attend your home to liaise with the spirit and to send them on their way to the light. Please see questions 4 and 15 for examples of how to bring positive energies back into your home by smudging/cleansing; also, keep a cleansed piece of Amethyst in the room for protection and to bring in positive energy.

15. Can spirit cause uncharacteristic emotional states, fighting, depression and/or lethargy? If so, what can I do?


Jackie says: Yes they can. This can be for a variety of reasons. It could be that someone in the house is being influenced by one or more spirit personalities, or it could just be a negative residual feeling left in the house. You can try to lift the atmosphere yourself by visualizing white light in the house as described in question no 4. You can also light a candle, focus on the flame and ask your spirit guides (even if you don't know who they are, that is ok, they know who they are) to help guide a spirit if they need help, into the light, or to simply raise the vibrations in the house by transmuting the negative energy in the light of the flame and sending out positive uplifting feelings into the room.

Alison says: Yes this is possible and you need to find out the reason why. Have you or someone in your house used a Ouija board for example? If so, you will need to consult with a psychic investigator or clairvoyant medium and ask them to come to your home to send the spirit to the light. Remember to ground and put psychic protection around everyone in the property and cleanse/put white light into every room. If the physical conditions are strong, they can be linked to spirits who have been brought forward through a portal from use of a Ouija board. Wear a piece of black tourmaline to shield you from negative and draining energies. If once the spirit has been sent to the light you are still experiencing physical conditions, than I would recommend that you consult your own doctor.

16. Do people's physical or mental ailments stay with them in spirit? I worry that my grandpa is wandering around somewhere because when he died, he had dementia. How do I know that his confusion in his later years didn't follow him and he's now lost and looking for my granny?

Jackie says: Most of the time when we pass to spirit, the earthly conditions that we have are no longer evident in our etheric bodies. However, this is not always the case, as we have found out; sometimes spirits can be a little confused as to where they are meant to be. So this is a very valid question. If you feel that your grandpa is wandering around somewhere, send your thoughts out to him. Tell him that he needs to go to the light. If your granny is still here on the earth plane, tell him that he can still visit her whenever he wants to; if she is now in spirit, tell him that she is waiting to see him. Usually Grandpa will have gone straight to spirit, as the earthly problems that he had would not affect his spirit at all and he would be able to go wherever he wanted just by a thought. Ask him to let you know he is alright by giving you a sign. This could be a feather or a penny or something else that just pops into your mind.

Alison says: Oh bless you; my heart goes out to you as my Father had a similar condition when he passed over. Please let me assure you that when your Grandfather's spirit left his body, it would be intact, with no physical or mental pain/complaints that he suffered prior to his passing. I would ask that you look out for subtle signs from your Grandfather such as hearing his favourite song on the radio or smelling a certain thing that reminds you of him. Try meditating and with practice, you could get a message from him. I am sure he is with his loved ones right now, sending you his love and blessings from the spirit world.

17. Is my ghost stalking me? (Is it possible for a ghost to move with me from one location to the next?)

The Rescue Mediums say: YES! Especially if you have contacted them through the Ouija. Most often this occurs because they are a family member or they have something to say, so they want you to contact a medium who can help them. It's not so much stalking as trying to get through. Of course, if you have done something evil to contribute to their passing... then it's not our help that you need.

18. My child says he is seeing a ghost; how can I tell if it is real or just his imagination? And if it IS real, what should I do?

Jackie says: This would depend on the age of your child of course and how they are reacting to that and to the circumstances surrounded the event. It's unusual for a child to say they are seeing a ghost if they are not, however I would take all this into consideration before making an individual assessment. It could be that the child has overheard parents talking this way and doesn't want to be the odd one out or wants to be noticed in some way or it could be that they are influenced by something they have seen on the tv or by friends at school; as I say, it would depend on the age of the child and the circumstances with this.

Children are very accepting of spirit, as they are usually loved ones, guides or playmates that are around. This is all quite normal and the child's reference to this should be treated as normally as possible so as not to make the child feel that they are "abnormal" in any way, shape or form. If a child has a question, the easiest way is to answer as honestly as possible. Sometimes saying to a child that they shouldn't talk like that or that they are just being silly will make them see more into a situation than is necessary. I usually find that the simpler the answer, the simpler the acceptance. After all, we are only frightened of things we don't understand.

If you are worried at all that there is a spirit who is causing your child distress then you should ask a reputable Medium to come and assess the situation. It would depend on the individual Medium as to how they would deal with this. Personally I would prefer to see the house and work with its energies without the child's presence to see if I could help to clear away the negativity. A child's imagination can go overboard and it is essential that the child is as calm about this as possible, with as little disruption to the everyday mill of things. It could simply be a case of a misdirected spirit who was seeking help and guidance. Once the spirit had been pointed in the right direction and helped through to the spirit world, there may be no need for communication with the child at all.

I would like to stress, though, that when there is a child involved, it is important that if you ask a Medium or Psychic in to help, that you determine that they are able to deal with this type of help and that this is not just for investigative purposes as this could cause all sorts of distress for the spirit and make matters worse. I would advise that the child be kept away during this time unless there is a direct spirit attachment to the child itself.

Alison says: It is rare for children to say they are seeing something when they are not, especially if they are very small, as they regularly use their natural psychic abilities. The best thing to do is to listen to your child and not to dismiss what he/she says they have been experiencing. The worst thing to do is to tell them off or shout at them for making up stories. Ask your child to give you details about the "ghost" they have encountered. This could turn out to be a loved one in spirit - for example, a Grandparent who just wants to say hello. Even if it turns out that it is the child's over-imagination from what they have seen on the television (which you can monitor) or waking from a bad dream, they must know they can come to you to share their experiences and trust that you won't dismiss it without talking it through properly. You can usually deduce if their experience is "for real" or not once you have spoken to your child but if you are in doubt and/or anxious - especially if the child is terrified - ask a reputable Medium or psychic investigator to attend your home to see if they pick up on anything. I wouldn't, however, advise that the child is present at that time to avoid frightening them further. Keeping a diary of "events" and note down what your child says they see, hear, feel, smell, etc. You may be able to determine from this what is imagination, what is fact, or a combination of both.

19. Are there entities that are not human (demons) or are they all just human spirits in great pain and/or in need of guidance or help?

Jackie says: Interesting question and one that has been asked many times. A spirit is a person whose earthly body has died and the essence of that person - or rather the personality of that person which I refer to as the spirit - has moved on to a different vibrational level. It sort of puts a different slant on things like 'going up in the world' doesn't it. However, some people are just plain evil and nasty individuals when they lived on the earth plane and so when their bodies have died, they do not suddenly sprout wings and become angels. If they were nasty so and so's when on the earth plane then they can still be nasty so and so's when they have gone to spirit. In fact, some of them don't go over and are trapped in limbo land, so to speak. This is where Mediums can help, particularly Rescue Mediums, which is where Alison and I come in. Mostly we find that those nasties - when we get down to the nitty gritty of why they are still wandering around creating havoc - are simply misdirected souls who are afraid of what will happen to them when they go over to the spirit world. They have to atone for their behavior and some just simply refuse to do this. For the most part we can persuade them that there is help and healing for them in the spirit world no matter what they have done, as it is not our job to judge, nor should we. However, there are some spirits who - due to their strength of personality, evil and nasty behavior, fear of what awaits them and the need to stay in control - can take on a shape or form rather than remain 'humanlike', which of course, once the body has died, the human form is no longer. I have found from dealing with "nicer" entities that we have an etheric body, which resembles the body that we had on the earth plane. However, the etheric body has no bodily pain, as this was human and earthly, nor does it have defectiveness. For example - someone who could not walk when on the earth plane may give the message to a loved one on the earth plane that they are able to walk now and this will give them a lot of joy.

The flip side of that coin is that someone who had a nasty and controlling personality when on the earth plane, with a huge grudge to bear, for whatever reason, may choose to stay on the earth plane after they have died. This could result in the energy that made up the personality of that person to change and become whatever 'form' it directed. Sometimes this could be purely an energy surge that can change shape and direction with thought; this is known as a shape shifter. As the energy of the spirit's personality becomes angry or frustrated, it changes and there is no specific shape or form; this enables the energy to become wild and destructive, rather like an electric cable that has been cut with sparks flying everywhere. Similarly, an energy such as this is able to 'control' other energies and so simply 'invades' the energy rather like a parasite. This can happen to any living energy and has been known to influence both humans and animals alike as the energy invades their space. This is what I believe can be a form of demonology.

I have dealt with a spirit dog with red demon eyes that had been so terrified and traumatized by a wayward spirit that had possessed its energy. The doggy had been driven mad and had died of fright. The entity had survived on like a parasite in the spirit body. I first had to detach the entity from the dog and deal with that before I could help the spirit dog itself. It was quite an experience and one that I hope I never have to deal with again.

Alison says: This is a tough one! From my experience, spirit forms are usually similar to us on the earth-plane. There are good ones and bad ones and if they are stuck, there is usually a strong reason to keep them in between worlds. The bad spirit or demonic spirits as they are sometimes called may have been bad when they were alive and couldn't go to 'the light' as they didn't know where they would end up. When Jackie and I are doing our rescue work, we can often find out why a spirit is angry and/or causing pain and misery for the homeowners. However, if the spirit is extremely strong and 'evil', we don't try to find out its story; we have to use all our own strength and powers of persuasion to send them over to the other side as quickly and painlessly as possible, with the help of our wonderful spirit guides.

20. How can I protect myself from spirit influences?

The Rescue Mediums say: You need to protect yourself any time you are going to work with spirit or even if you just feel scared. This is not because spirits are out there to hurt you - but not all of them are nice. We don't sprout wings and become angels when we pass, so it's best to be on the safe side. Your guide will make sure you are okay but you must ask for help. To protect yourself, just imagine one of these things:

The whole idea is to cover and protect yourself. Just remember that by imagining/using your mind, you are using a very powerful tool. The mind is capable of anything and is the main way of communicating with spirit and the spirit world.

21. My house is haunted! I don't want to be on the show but I want these spirits out!

The Rescue Mediums say: Bring someone in. Once again, the spiritualist church is the best bet as they will not charge you loads of money. Or try it yourself. Start by going into each room of your home and imagine that it is filling up with white light. Ask your guide and your spirit family to help you. This is called psychic cleaning. The spirits in your home may be disturbed by renovations and changes or not fully aware that they have passed on. Let them know that the house now belongs to you, guide them to the light and remind them that their loved ones will be there waiting.

(SEE ALSO: Can you refer me to a psychic in my area?)

22. Can you tell me some safe ways I can try to guide spirits into the light?

Jackie says: It would depend on the strength of the spirit in question and how much knowledge you have already.

If you feel that there are spirits in your house, you need to immediately do the grounding and protection (see questions 20 and 25). You can begin to visualize a light in the room, coming through the doorway (see question 4) to lift the atmosphere. Very often, trapped spirits just need to know their direction as they are a little lost and confused; their loved ones in spirit are very much aware of this and are waiting for them to find their way. Gently tell the spirit that there is someone waiting for them that they really want to see and if they look, they will find them waiting. If this fails, then a good thing to tell them is to go to their favourite place in the world. This is usually a happy memory that they have stored and that their loved one waiting to help in spirit will already be aware of. Should this fail and the smudging, etc. has also been tried unsuccessfully, then a reputable Medium should be asked in to help with the situation. Not, and I repeat, not a psychic investigative team who may not have the ability to communicate on a mediumistic level with the spirit, as this could only antagonize the situation. So this should be ascertained at the time of enquiry.

Alternatively, you can visit our website at and print off the front page which shows our front door. Put this photograph in the room that you feel is the most significant. Tell the spirit, out loud, to go to that front door. You can light a candle by the side of the photograph providing it is safe to leave this unattended. Very often a misguided or confused spirit just needs direction. In printing out this picture of our front door, the spirit - who is already in communication with you - will take notice. This door is manned by a lovely lady in spirit who meets and greets them at the door and then guides the lost soul to an open, manned portal in the building. Usually there is someone there to welcome the lost spirit but occasionally they are still confused; in this case, either myself or one of the Feathers rescue team will talk to the spirit until they are ready to go through to the light. This is a system that has been used all over the world with a great degree of success.

Alison says: If you have not received psychic development tuition, then do not try this yourself. Ask a reputable medium to assist.

23. Am I psychic or just crazy?

The Rescue Mediums say: 'How come when I talk to God, they call it praying... but when God talks to me, they call it paranoid schizophrenia?' This just about sums it up for us. As far as we can tell, the only way to test if it is truly spirit speaking or purely in your head, is (now this is going to sound totally crazy but just stay with us) - ask yourself a question you don't know the answer to. Wait and see if you get an answer then ask a family member who can verify this. Then ask yourself a question you DO know the answer to and try to feel the difference. The only way to find out is to try! Next time you are standing in the line waiting at the bank, try to foresee which cashier you will end up going to. Next time the postman comes, hold your letter in your hand and see what you feel about it - who it is from, what it's about. Experiment with other things similarly. Ask your guide to help you discover/develop your gifts. It does not matter if you do not know his/her name or who he/she is. Your guide knows you. Also try finding a spiritualist church and see if they have an open circle where you can further develop your abilities.

24. How can I tell the difference between imagination and psychic experience?

Jackie says: This is one of the hardest things that you will learn on a psychic level - the difference between imagination and communication. You have to learn to trust in what you are being shown. It's what I call 'the knowing'. Being shown is not what we 'see' as we know it to be; it's a combination of visualizing (seeing), hearing, feeling, smelling, sensing, touching. All of these senses and more help us to determine the difference. Trust in what you are being given by spirit. Write it down, if it helps, then ask for clarification. Always ask spirit to give you more information if you don't understand. They will usually give you something else that will make sense out of the image that you have received. The images or messages that you have been given may not make sense to you right there and then if it's a personal message for you. This could take a few days for the information to be confirmed in one way or another. Sometimes we take a while to digest the information and very often learn something else while on that particular phase of development. This, of course, has been spirit's intention all along and eventually it will make perfect sense.

If it's a message for someone else, then you need to have as much clarification for him or her, so always ask spirit to provide that for you. If you don't understand what you are being given, let your spirit guide know that you need to be given the information in a different way so that you can make sense out of it. Never try and make anything fit, especially when reading for someone else. Remember that its not your message to keep, so you cannot interpret it for yourself without asking if the message means something, exactly as it has been given to you, even if it sounds silly. Maybe it is meant to sound silly and that is what makes the message important to the recipient.

Alison says: This is a very good question and one that I repeatedly asked myself when starting out on my own spiritual path. Speaking from personal experience, the key to any psychic development is to practice meditation. Ensure that prior to meditating, you ground and put psychic protection around yourself to ensure balance. It is imperative to remain calm and to keep an open mind. Practice by clearing the mind of any doubt or negativity and believing in your own abilities. Once you have mastered this, write down the information you have received (whether you feel it is significant or not) and I guarantee that at least one or two pieces of information that you have written down will be confirmed in the near future. By seeing what is on paper just by a glance, you will usually be able to differentiate between what has been given by spirit and what is actually your imagination. Good luck with this - you have reached an exciting phase within your spiritual development.

25. I am psychic and like being able to see/feel spirits; sometimes, though, it is too much. What can I do?

Jackie says: Welcome to my world! LOL!
No seriously - you need to make sure that you are in control of your gift. The first way to do this is to ground and protect yourself. A very simple way to ground is to visualize that there are roots growing out from the soles of your feet into the ground, like the roots of a tree. This will ground you physically to the here and now in the materialistic world. To protect yourself, you then need to visualize a beautiful white light surrounding your entire body or you can put yourself into a lovely bubble, like a soap bubble. I have known others visualizing putting on space suits, cloaks with hoods and even sleeping bags (see question 20). All of these serve to protect your aura and your chakras. Because you are psychic and like being able to sense spirit around you, you will have to ground and protect everyday.

You are also open to the spirit world for communication and so you will have to close down your chakras when you don't wish to have this communication. This is rather like putting the receiver down on the telephone when you no longer wish to continue the conversation. If you are consciously opening your chakras, then you must remember to close them. If you are unaware that this is happening, then I would advise you to visualize a flower on the top of your head - this can be any flower that you like. Imagine that the flower is wide open and you can see all the petals. To close this chakra you need to close the petals one by one until the flower is a tight bud. This will stop the light that has been shining out like an antenna to spirit. Then visualize that there is an eye in the middle of your forehead and shut the eye. If you cannot visualize this, then imagine that there is another flower there and shut it again like the crown chakra. I would recommend that you also shut down the throat chakra, which is located at the bottom of your throat. Just picture a little door, window or flower shutting. You can do the same for your heart chakra. If you tend to feel rather sickly after communicating with spirit, it is probably because your solar plexus is working overtime; you therefore need to close this also. This is located about 2" above your navel. Again, you can imagine this as a door, window or flower. You also have another chakra about 2" below the navel; this is the sacral chakra and works alongside your heart chakra with your emotional levels. Shut this in the same way. The root chakra can be found at the base of your spine and should also be closed down in the same way.

Alison says: Do you attend a spiritual or psychic development group? If not, then this is what I recommend you do. Your psychic development teacher will teach you how to ground, protect, open up to the spirit world and close down again, as well as all forms of communicating with the spirit world, in a safe and protected environment. You will also meet and connect with other people who are learning how to develop their gift so you can share your experiences. If you have already developed your psychic gift in this way and you have more questions, your teacher should still be available to advise/assist you.

26. How do I close down and open up to spirit?

Jackie says: This is not a decision to be taken lightly. (See question 25.)

Alison says: I wouldn't advise opening up to spirit without proper psychic development tuition as you could be asking for trouble. However, imagining roots growing from your feet and linking in with mother earth is a way of grounding yourself. Then imagine wrapping yourself in a beautiful white light, which is called psychic protection. There are other various forms of psychic protection such as putting yourself in a bubble, or imagining putting on a large deep purple (strong psychic colour) cloak. At the end of the day it is a personal preference as to which psychic protection you use. Do your grounding and psychic protection at least once a day.

27. How do I find out who my spirit guides and/or angels are?

Jackie says: The best way to find out is to meditate on a regular basis. I would advise turning off the phone, TV, etc. Light a candle (safely) and perhaps put on some gentle background repetitive music suitable for meditating. Ground and protect yourself, then visualize going up 2 steps through an archway and into a garden. In the garden there is a seat; sit on the seat for a moment and look at the garden. Then invite your guide to come and sit with you. Take note of any changes that you sense in atmosphere, smells, sights, sounds, etc. There are further meditations that you can do such as visualizing a house that you feel comfortable going into. In the house there is a table with two chairs; sit at one chair and invite your guide to join you at the other. Frequent meditation will raise your vibrational level and enable you to better communicate with your guide.

Alison says: Without sounding repetitive, the best way to find out who your Spirit Guide or Angels are is by meditating. Joining a psychic development group could be the answer for you as you will be part of group meditations where you share your experiences. If this isn't for you, then you could purchase a guided meditation CD. If books are more your thing, the Psychic Bible by Jane Struthers has a lovely Meditation on how to meet your guide. You can talk to your spirit guide even if you have not met them yet. Acknowledge their presence and then to enhance your abilities, start to meditate, join a Psychic Development circle and/or read up on everything you can about spirit guides. Good luck!

28. Can you recommend texts and/or workshops to further my spiritual/psychic development?

Jackie says: If you contact your local Spiritualist Church, they should be able to recommend a reputable Medium that offers development classes. I personally like the DVD adaptation of the 'The Celestine Prophecy' by James Redfield. This gives a great visual understanding of the energy field around every living thing and a deeper understanding of synchronicities and why we are in one particular place, at one particular time.

I find that I am drawn to a specific book or Internet search for many reasons. This is usually because my Guides are directing me towards a book or particular text that will enlighten me at that time. Therefore there are no hard and fast rules about which book to read.

I believe in the saying that the teacher appears when the student is ready.

Alison says: Books that I would recommend are:

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