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Meet The Hosts

Jackie Dennison Koshnick

Jackie, in addition to being the co-host of Rescue Mediums (which airs in over 28 countries around the globe) is the owner of The Feathers Academy in Northwich, England. Feathers is dedicated to teaching and healing through the spiritual and holistic planes. She has been a psychic medium for many years and works with her spirit guides, Jeremkyah and Red Cloud. She has co-authored a book about the spirits in Marbury Hall in the UK and continues to work as a medium in her native England.

Alison Wynne-Ryder

Alison is a Clairvoyant Medium, Reiki Master/Teacher, and teaches Angel Magic in addition to being the co-host of the internationally-acclaimed TV Show Rescue Mediums. She is also the author of her first book 'The Quirky Medium'. Alison works through her spirit guides Ruby, who has an extremely quirky sense of humour that comes through time after time, and her main Spirit Guide, Zamil. She has also worked extensively for the Cheshire Police Service. For further details of readings and classes, please refer to Alison's personal website.

Christine Hamlett

Christine is a natural medium and is the co-host of Rescue Mediums Seasons 1, 2 and 3. In addition to this International reputation, she has writes for various spiritualist magazines and has appeared on ITV and the BBC in England. She has been psychic from a very early age; in fact, she inherited a crystal ball from her psychic great grandmother when she was only five years old! She is also a gifted psychic artist. Christine's spirit guide's name is Loni.

Show Teasers

Click here to watch any or all of our many thirty-second show openers. In the biz, these are called "teasers". These are played before the opening title sequence animation of every show.

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