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Grounding and Protection

Before you start to do any psychic work, it is important that you ground and protect yourself. This is to anchor you in the physical and to provide a shield from any negative energies that you may come into contact with.

Even if you are not working with spirit, grounding and protection is recommended on a daily basis. We come into contact with other peoples energies all of the time, which could have a negative effect on us, and leave us feeling drained, emotionally exhausted, and even feeling the effects of someone else's depression or illness. Simple grounding and protection techniques as a daily part of your routine will help you throughout the day.

How can grounding and protection help me?

Grounding is the earthing of your energy to the natural energy field of the earth. If you are not grounded you may feel dizzy, a little 'spaced out', an 'unreal' feeling, off balance, or generally out of sorts.

Protection is a psychic shield that protects your auric field. Without this protection we can absorb other peoples negative energy. How many times have you talked to a friend who is down in the dumps? You sit and listen to them like the good friend that you are. They get up to leave and thank you for being such a good friend and for making them feel so much better. Then you feel completely drained and is in a depressed state yourself! What has happened, is that your friend has plugged into your energy field, and has transferred all that negative energy to you. They walk away feeling energised, having got rid of all that negativity, and you unfortunately are stuck with it.

To Ground Yourself: Visualise a ball of white energy inside the top of your head. This ball of energy is going to move down right through your body, as it moves down it collects all the negative energy that your body and your aura is already holding. So imagine that the ball of energy is like a magnet.

Move that ball of energy down through your head and into your neck. Gather all the negative energy to that magnetic ball of energy. Continue the energy down through the upper body, and into the lower body, absorbing the negative energy as the energy ball moves downwards - into the legs and down into the feet. When the energy reaches the feet, visualise roots growing deep into the earth. The negative energy is then going to be discharged into the earth where it will be neuatralised.

Once all the negativity has been released, grow the roots further downwards, or outwards. These roots will draw up positive sparkling white energy from mother earth. Draw the white energy up through the roots and into the soles of the feet. Visualise that pure white energy moving up through your legs and into the lower body. Moving upwards to the upper body, then into the neck and head. Ask then that the energy be used in whatever part of your body, mind or aura that the energy is needed.

To Protect Yourself: Visualise a ball of pure white light about 6 inches above your head. As you concentrate on this light, notice it getting brighter and bigger. Slowly bring this ball of beautiful clear white light down so that it covers your head, neck and shoulders.It then moves down your body, wrapping itself around you, so that you are completely encased in a beautiful white protective light.

Another visualisation of protection can be a bubble. You simply visualise a bubble which grows and grows until it is big enough for you to stand inside.

Another method is to visualise a clear glass dome covering you (rather like the protective cover for a doll or cherished ornament).

If you are feeling particularly vulnerable and need extra protection, you can use two or all three of the suggested methods.

Psychic Attack

Sometimes we seem to be having a run of bad luck, and we don't know why this is happening to us. It seems that nothing is going right. Of course it simply could be that this is a down time, and that this phase will pass. However, it could also mean that you are under psychic attack from someone who is sending out negative thoughts towards you. You may know who is sending those thoughts towards you, or you may have absolutely no idea.

A really good way of dealing with psychic attack is to visualise mirrors around yourself. You actually imagine that you are completely surrounded by mirrors. You can't see yourself in the mirrors because they are all facing outwards, and you are the other side of the mirror. What happens, is that the negative thoughts that are coming towards you, hit the mirror, reflect on the surface and return to the person that is sending the negativity to you.

This is a great way of dealing with this type of attack as you don't have to send any negativity towards that person; they are actually doing it to themselves. This also doubles the negativity as it bounces back to them as a double dose. It is interesting to see what happens, as it usually gives a clear indication of who has been sending out the thoughts. If you do wish to send thoughts out to that person, please make sure that they are loving healing thoughts that will help that person to deal with whatever negativity is keeping them in that state.

Crystals are another way we can add to the protection.

Tigers Eye, Black Onyx, Obsidian are particularly good for protection. Hematite, Red Jasper, Apache tear, Blue Agate, Black Onyx, are good stones for grounding. Carnelian, and Smokey Quartz are all good stones when dealing with negativity. Amethyst, Rhodonite, Ruby and Malachite will help to aid a more peaceful sleep and ward off nightmares.

Crosses and Amulets: Many people feel safe if they are wearing protective jewellery which helps to ward off evil. They come in various forms, but for many individuals they feel that it is important to acknowledge that protection is through their religious and personal beliefs.

Although the cross is generally associated with the Christian religion, it is one of the oldest symbols and has been used universally for centuries. One of the earliest crosses known is the Egyptian Ankh, the symbol of life. The Pentagram too is a protective amulet and has its origins symbolically in Ancient Greece.

Closing down Chakras

It's all done with the mind. Imagine that there is a flower sitting on the top of your head.

This is your crown chakra. It can be any flower that you imagine. When the chakra is open, the petals are wide open and the light is shining from the centre of the flower. This is the light that spirit can see. So it needs to be shut in order to control that light. The easiest way to stop that light and control it yourself is to close the petals one by one, until it is a tight bud. The colours associated with this chakra are purple and white. But your flower does not have to be purple - it can be any colour or change colours.

Brow Chakra: This is the 3rd eye in the middle of the forehead - this one helps us to 'see' spirit as visions like on a television screen, or to physically see. It is an actual eye and can be difficult to close at first. The colour associated with this is dark blue to light purple like an indigo colour. To actively open this chakra you just open the eye.

Throat Chakra: At the base of the throat. This can be a little door, flower or whatever you feel it is. This too needs to be closed. If its a door you can also imagine its locked. This is the chakra we use to 'hear' and to communicate with spirit. The colour associated with this is turquoise or blue. To actively open this chakra, open the doorway or flower.

Heart Chakra: Based roughly where your heart is but slightly central so that it is in line with your throat chakra. Again this can be a door, or flower or whatever you feel it is. It has to be closed in the same way. This is the chakra where we experience love, empathy, understanding etc. The colour associated with this is green or pink. To open this chakra, open the doorway or flower.

Solar Plexus Chakra: Again this can be a doorway or a flower or whatever you want it to be. It is located about 2 inches above your naval. This is the gut feeling that you have: self-control, power, upliftment, joy, creativity, and new enterprises. The colour associated with this is yellow. To open this chakra, open the doorway or flower.

Sacral Chakra: As with the others, a doorway or flower. It is located about 2 inches below your naval. Because of its location this chakra works with our emotions and sexuality. It too is a power chakra, brings upliftment, joy, creativity and imagination. The colour associated with this is orange. To open this chakra, open the doorway or flower.

Root Chakra: This is the base chakra, and is at the base of your spine. This grounds us to material reality. This is the survival chakra and helps us to focus with a passion. The colour associated with this is red. To open this chakra, open the doorway or flower.

Remember that any chakras that you have actively opened also need to be closed when you have finished working with them.

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