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About the show

How did you meet?

The story of how the producers met the Rescue Mediums is very interesting and somewhat mysterious. A lady in Vancouver was doing genealogical research on her family. She traced her lineage to a home in Toronto, whose current resident was a man named Michael Lamport (who is now one of the show's producers). She "Googled" Michael's contact information and he assisted her with her research by visiting the Toronto Archives and sending her old information about the Riverdale house in which he lived. During one telephone conversation, she mentioned that she had a cousin in the United Kingdom who was a psychic and had recently been on the television there in connection with a police Cold Case file. The "Googling" had shown her that Michael was in the television business with several other shows at this point. The lady from Vancouver indicated that it might be a good idea to contact Jackie to see if a documentary could be created around their craft.

Michael waited, as he was in the midst of completing another documentary. But something was nagging at him. So, one day, he called over to the UK and spoke with Jackie, explaining the purpose of his call. The series of events that then took place were quite astonishing. Michael and Gregory Sheppard (the other producer of the show) flew over to England to meet the ladies. They discovered that Jackie's Great Uncle, OLIVER HAMLETT, had actually BUILT Michael's house so many years ago! He and his wife, Perdita, had lived and raised children there.

Michael and Gregory shot a demo of the ladies as they cleared the Moon Hotel pub in Derby, UK of a troublesome spirit and presented it to the network. W saw the possibilities and the exciting nature of a documentary series that would be so different from the others coming out onto the market and commissioned the show very quickly. Jackie and Christine then visited Canada for the very first time in their lives. Staying at Michael's house, they quickly informed him that Oliver and Perdita were very happy with him as a current resident and that they hoped he didn't mind them sharing the home with him! Michael's comments: "Well, I guess they don't have to pay rent as they built the place and they never use up any food from the fridge, so I hope they stay!"

During her time in Toronto, Jackie has traced back many events in her family tree, found Oliver's grave and the actual place that he met his demise in an automobile accident. She feels the spirits of her family are at rest and very peaceful, although lights still flash on and off at Michael's house and his two cats sometimes behave strangely!

In Season Four we met Alison Wynne-Ryder. She has been practicing as a medium, angel card reader and reiki practitioner in the UK for some time now. Alison Wynne-Ryder joined the Rescue Mediums team in the beginning of 2009. Producer Gregory Sheppard first met her in the UK and she jumped on board and into the fray of TV-land with the first episode of season four!

Do the Rescue Mediums REALLY have no idea where they are going?

Yes. The producers make it a very serious part of the process not to release ANY information to the Mediums whatsoever. All they are aware of is that they are flying to Canada (or elsewhere in the world) but are given no indication which town or city they will be visiting. In certain cases, the Mediums have been gifted with an approximate travel time - just in case they need to use the loo!

How do you find the hauntings?

Usually word of mouth and asking other organizations connected to the paranormal. We are now also relying heavily on the website to get more stories... so if you have any, please get in touch! Be sure to provide your name, contact information, location and as many details as possible.

How long does it take to create an episode?

We shoot for three days at the haunted location. About a week of research occurs before and continues during the shooting period. We then have approximately 25 hours of material that has to be reduced to twenty-one minutes and thirty seconds for TV. The editing process takes about four weeks. So, in total, it takes over a month to formulate an episode.

Has anyone on the crew seen or felt a ghost?

Yes. One of our cameramen is certain he saw a spirit at the top of the stairs in one location and actually started to film it. Once reviewed, we were not certain if there was an anomaly on the tape or not. Others have experienced very cold sensations where there should be none and have heard noises that cannot be explained. One crewmember even had "someone" whisper in her ear...!

What is the fee associated with appearing on Rescue Mediums?

There is no fee associated with appearing on Rescue Mediums; however, you must be willing to grant our small crew access to your home over a period of 3-4 days and appear on television with your stories.

In which countries is the show currently airing?

Rescue Mediums currently airs in over 28 countries worldwide. Check your local listings on the appropriate Network for times and dates.

When will the show be airing in the United States?

We are actively looking for a US broadcaster to carry the show. Originally, Rescue Mediums aired on the WE Network (Seasons one, Two and Three).

Which episodes are airing when?

This varies greatly depending on the broadcasting Network and the region you live in. Please check your local listings!

Will the show be released on DVD at some point? Are there any plans for other merchandise, like T-shirts or mugs?

We are doing our best to bring these items to you! Notice will be posted on the website if and when they do become available, so keep checking back!

Are these ladies for real?

Yes, they are "for real." And it scares us sometimes.

Can I have an autograph?

Certainly! However, due to the volume of autograph requests the Rescue Mediums receive, we require that anyone interested in obtaining an autograph send a 9 x 12 self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) with appropriate postage to the following address:

Rescue Mediums Inc.
145 Front Street East, Suite 106
Toronto, ON, Canada M5A 1E3

Show Teasers

Click here to watch any or all of our many thirty-second show openers. In the biz, these are called "teasers". These are played before the opening title sequence animation of every show.

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